Music Boosters

We are the Benjamin Logan Music Boosters

You're Invited!

We want to extend an invitation to any and all Middle School/High School music parents – band OR choir – to join us in supporting the music programs in every grade level of our schools! Money raised by the boosters makes up over 80% of the music budget each year. Without the Music Boosters, the music programs we have, simply would not exist. This school year alone, we have spent:

  • $5,400 for instruments/equipment/instrument repairs (band instruments are expensive! And instruments purchased by the boosters allow students to participate without that huge financial burden – this amount was over $10,000 last year)

  • $7,300 for sheet music for choir and band

  • $3,000 for solo/ensemble and large group contest fees grades 7 and up

  • $5,590 stage sets and props for show choir and the spring musical

  • $1,000 choreography and instruction for show choir

  • $370 awards given each school year in the spring in grades 8 and up.

And in years past, many thousands of dollars have been used for uniforms (for example, $6,000 for high school concert band uniforms last year), choir robes, costumes, props, stage sets

How do we make money?

We operate the concession stands for football, HS volleyball, cross country, track and HS basketball. We also have an annual Christmas Craft Show in early December as well as a few fundraisers throughout the school year like the mum sale in the fall.

How can you help?

  • By joining us at the monthly booster meetings held the first Tuesday of each month during the school year.

  • By participating when volunteers are needed for the Craft Show or the fundraisers.

  • But most of all, by volunteering your time and energy to work a game or two (or more) at the concession stand! You do not need to have experience, we will be happy to teach you.

When school starts this fall, all music students will receive information from the boosters including instructions on how to join our Remind group and a link to the website we use for concession stand sign-ups called “Sign Up Genius”.

Why should you help?

  • It takes MANY people to make the concession stands work – for Friday night football games, for example, we need 20-25 people! It simply isn’t possible or practical for just a few people to successfully accomplish it.

  • Music is an aspect of education that we all value and appreciate.

  • Without the music boosters, we simply would not have the music programs that we have here at Benjamin Logan. Every music student benefits from the money earned by the boosters. If your student sees you volunteering your time, it will help reinforce their interest in music and encourage them to stay involved.

Please watch for more information when school starts this August. And thank you in advance for sacrificing a little bit of your time and energy to make our music programs at Benjamin Logan something to be very proud of!

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